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Intuitive Tarot Card Readings designed to provide you with added insight and guidance for general or specific question(s).

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Energy Healing Sessions that support feelings of balance, clarity, and rejuvenation. Can be purchased as stand-alone offering or in addition to any existing Transformation Package.

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Experience powerful shifts and transformation bringing your into alignment with your Destiny and the life you were meant to live.

Welcome, I’m so glad you’re here!
My name is Christine, I am a Quantum Shamanic Healer.


I offer customized Transformation Packages to assist with your spiritual journey of healing and self-discovery that are designed to build upon each other as you heal, grow, and evolve.


In these Sessions, you are offered an intuitive blend of energy medicine, consciousness, and healing frequencies that will catalyze shifts and transformation in all areas of your life.

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Tarot Card Readings
Intuitive Tarot Card Readings
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How I work and what to expect from a Reading...

Over the last 10 years, I have cultivated a relationship with Tarot and Oracle cards and consider my Readings to be an Art form. They are tools that assist me with unlocking my intuition to deliver the personalized messages from Spirit that you need to hear in this now moment.


During your Reading, we can work from an overview perspective or with specific questions in relation to your past, present, and possible future timelines. By the end of your Reading, you will have a better understanding of how to navigate and excel in your life, no matter the outer circumstances.

All readings are done virtually (via Zoom). Pre-recorded and in-person readings are available upon request.
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1-on-1 Sessions
Healing Sessions
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How I work and what to expect from a Healing...

In these Sessions, you will be offered a unique Intuitive Energy Healing experience as we will be working with all the parts of your being - the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, energetic, karmic, multi-dimensional, subconscious, non-conscious, contracts & agreements, and timelines. We begin by grounding and tuning into your energetic vibration, followed by scanning your field and Total Energy System. Depending on what’s found and needed, we are able to release blockages, cords, and attachments that may be limiting your soul’s growth; transmute any stagnant energy that no longer serves your highest and best potential; and align your chakras to achieve overall feelings of balance, clarity and rejuvenation.

These Sessions can be purchased as a stand-alone experience or in addition to any existing
Transformation Package for extra energetic support. Learn more about our Transformation Packages here.

Tranformation Packages
Transformation Packages
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What to expect and who receives the most from a Transformation Package...

For an issue to be an issue, it will have roots in different areas of your being before it can manifest in your physical reality. In these Packages, we will be working with all the parts of your being using healing energy, frequency, and consciousness. In this container, we align you with your Destiny and the life you were meant to live. Your healed outcomes will include developing your ability to integrate divine guidance with inspired action in your every day life. These Packages are best suited for anyone who has some form of awareness of an on-going issue in their life that they would like to work on and are ready to dive deeper to get to the root cause for optimal results.

All sessions are done virtually (via Zoom). In-person sessions are available upon request.
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Which stage are you ready for?
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Three (1) hour sessions


Benefits & Transformation:

This package is ideal for anyone who is new to their healing and spiritual journey. In these Sessions, we offer energy healing for all of your bodies (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual). We explore the core wounds of Rejection, Abandonment, Betrayal, and Low Self Worth and how they have and continue to play out in your life through limiting beliefs, unhealthy patterns, unexpressed feelings and emotions, coping mechanisms, and defense strategies. This is a safe healing container where you can be fully seen and heard.

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Six (1) hour sessions

Benefits & Transformation:

This Package includes the three sessions from the Awakened Butterfly Package plus we will dive deep into your subconscious and non-conscious with the intents and purposes of healing the root cause of any issue or theme in your life. We will provide energetic tools and protection to ensure you shift from existing to thriving. A deeper connection with your Spirit Guides and Higher Self will be cultivated for added support and assistance as you navigate your everyday environment from a space of empowerment. 

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Ten (1) hour sessions

Benefits & Transformation:

This Package includes the six sessions from the the Awakened and Emerging Butterfly Packages plus we will align you with your Destiny, to live the life you were meant to live. In the included BONUS Session, you will be attuned with the energy medicine of Butterfly Fire Spirit which will assist with cultivating continuous growth and evolution in your life in a powerful, yet subtle way. The healing implications from these Sessions will cross time, space, and karmic law for a comprehensive, total bodies energy healing experience.


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