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Transformation Packages

Life is a series of journeys, chapters, and cycles. These Packages focus on assisting intuitive souls with their journey through cycles of hurt, trauma, and emotional wounding so they can retrieve their power, integrate lessons, and set course for new paths to manifesting their soul's deepest desires.

follow the journey of the butterfly

(3) one-hour sessions


(6) one-hour sessions


(10) one-hour sessions


As we awaken, we become more aware of where our light has been dimmed. In this journey, we explore core wounds surrounding Rejection, Abandonment, Betrayal, and Low Self Worth; giving you the opportunity to recognize and break free from painful, frustrating patterns. 

Butterfly 2.png

Building on our sessions from the AWAKENED journey, we begin to dive deeper into subconscious and non-conscious patterns. The emerging themes present themselves with the help of Spirit Guides and Higher Self, guiding us to deeper healings, integrations, and empowerment.

Butterfly 5.png

Begin to powerfully align with your Destiny and harmonize with the Highest Versions of yourself. Having moved through the process of deep healing and integration, we can focus our energy on  ALIGNMENT. Witness "the butterfly effect" as it ripples through timelines and dimensions.

Each Package provides you with the time and space to explore parts of you that are waiting to heal, emerge, and attune to new frequencies of being. In each session, we integrate a combination of divination tools and quantum shamanic journeying that allows us to travel, retrieve, and integrate multi-dimensional aspects of yourself.

The methods used in these sessions are based on the teachings and ceremonies of The 8th Fire, with Pete Bernard. For more information on what each package includes, or is capable of helping you transform in your own life, please contact me directly.

"Eye-Opening & Soul Soothing"

"Christine's quantum shamanic journeys are incredible. The way she can "track" (graph, and tune into) major points in life and then guide you through the right questions, and journey or ceremony to help release and heal is eye-opening and soul soothing. The journey she took me on was vivid and gave me really meaningful, transformative insight. I'd highly recommend her!"
—Melanie, The Digital Muse
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