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Ep. 03 - News for the Soul Radio - Atlantis & our Galactic History with Guest, Jennifer Clark

About our Guest: Jennifer Clark is an international Life Path Guide, Evolution & Energy Engineer offering her clients innovative "soulful solutions". Her expertise is on ascension, spiritual development, problem solving, energy shifting and practical intuition for every day living.

To learn more about Jennifer, please visit

Show Notes:

0:52 Intro

1:55 The History of Atlantis

9:30 The Fall of Atlantis

10:22 The Connection to Lemeuria

13:15 The Connection to Noah's Ark

15:55 Atlantis and how it relates to the present day

16:27 Reflection and raising our Consciousness

19:07 Accessing Ancient Wisdoms from Isis, Athena, Isis, Serapis Bey

19:45 Where is Atlantis?

21:50 Lightworkers and the Crystal Grid

23:23 Positive and Negative effects of our Atlantean history today

25:00 Our connection to the Stars and Crystals

26:33 Gods, Goddesses, Deities - Are they physical beings or aspects of our consciousness? 30:05 Revelations based on astrological influences

32:05 The W@r on the Spirit

32:50 Are we in a simulation? (organic vs NPC consciousness)

38:10 Will we have disclosure?

41:20 Being grounded in your "Woo Woo"

42:30 Background people

46:00 Division vs unity consciousness

46:30 Can we seek too much?

47:45 The 144,000 - What about everyone else?

50:15 Mini reading for the Collective

57:30 Closing remarks


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