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Ep. 04 - News for the Soul Radio - Navigating the "Dark Night of the Soul" Patrick McNulty

About our Guest: Patrick McNulty is a proud father of two and (former) Federal Law Enforcement Officer, who is currently "Peacefully kicking the living sh*t out of fear with LOVE!"

To learn more from Patrick, please visit:

Show Notes:

0:00 Intro

0:44 How I found Patrick

4:14 Navigating unapologetic authenticity

5:29 Fake Woke Hippie

6:08 Unravelling belief systems

7:52 From self medicating to self care

13:26 The beginning of truly realizing the reality we are existing in

17:17 Being the "Observer"

19:17 Thoughts that spark physical manifestation

20:25 Everything is a choice

22:08 What we truly are

26:20 Infinite timelines

30:22 Nothing but time

31:26 Neutering our minds

32:50 Going viral

38:18 Being labelled by the System

38:30 Diving deep into Shadow Work

45:05 Opening up from the cocoon

48:00 Tuning in as a Creator

49:48 Facilitation of Shadow Work through Shamanism

51:02 Part two

52:44 Closing remarks


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