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Ep. 06 - News for the Soul Radio - OPEN LINES with Guest, Ellen Marie Francisco

About our Guest:

Ellen has developed her intuitive gifts over the last four decades. She has studied through the Berkley Psychic Institute, Lionheart Institute of Transformational Energy Healing, and Cleargreen. She has also been voted “Best in Ottawa” for her psychic work.

To learn more about Ellen, please visit:

Show Notes:

0:26 Intro

2:21 Summer Solstice Collective Energies

3:30 Living Intuitively

6:15 Energetics of life lessons as seen through the Chakras

10:20 Ascension Awareness and Awakening

13:03 Entities, Shadow Beings, and Infiltrators

21:44 Light Beings, Angels, Galactics, Giants, Rainbow Beings, Directional Beings, Crystal Beings, and Elementals

27:03 The future of Energy Healing

30:49 Smudging and Plant Spirits

36:30 On air reading for Caller 1

50:47 On air reading for Caller 2

1:01:37 Closing Remarks


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