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10 Tips to Improve your Relationships with Space Clearings

Most people don’t know the impact that our physical spaces can have on our love lives. Here are some quick and easy tips you can implement today if you’re looking to revitalize your current relationship or bring in someone new!

1. Remove any reminders of past relationships

Get rid of things like gifts, cards, pictures, etc. from past relationships. These keep the energetic cords to the past alive. It also sends a mixed message to the Universe. If you want to call in someone new, we can’t be holding on to the past.

Space healing benefits for happy relationships

2. Focus on pairings, especially in the bedroom

Twos hold the vibration of partnership. The Universe will always mirror back what you put out there. Consider pairing items like nightstands, lamps, candles, etc. Avoid threes to avoid any outside influence that could impact your relationship. Also, remove any solo photos of yourself as this can hold the vibration of singularity.

3. Balance the feminine and masculine elements

The key to a balanced relationship is a balanced feminine and masculine, both within and without. A good place to start is with elements, colours, and textures. The elements of fire, metal, and wood are masculine. The elements of water and earth are feminine. As an example, we can balance any feminine aspects like plants and flowers, pinks and purples, and velvets and satins, with some more masculine aspects, such as wood and metal frames, accents, or imagery.

4. Remove dead plants

Dead plants are dead energy. To ensure a fresh start in your relationship, make sure to discard any dead plants immediately, this includes roses. I am surprised at how often I come across dried roses or rose petals in someone’s space.

5. Remove the clutter in your bedroom

Things like electronics, bills, paperwork, fitness equipment, etc. are distractions that can interfere with our love lives. Store them in a more appropriate area of your home, outside the bedroom, for better success.

Space clearing benefits for happy women

6. Remove any storage from under your bed

The bed is where the magic happens, so to speak. We want this area to feel warm, inviting, and clear of any energetic stagnation, interference, and distraction.

7. Keep your space clean

Energy flows through our homes in a very specific way. Unpleasant and unnecessary objects, dirt, dust and messes block this natural energy flow. Clean and declutter regularly for better results.

8. Remove broken objects

Because no one wants damaged goods in their love life, remove them from your bedroom to ensure union with a healthy partner.

9. Remove mirrors facing the bed

We are at our most vulnerable, physically and energetically, when we sleep. Mirrors are symbolic of the element of water and we don’t want too much excessive energy coming at us while we sleep.

Space clearing tips for the bedroom

10. Make sure there is enough room for your partner

This means clearing out enough space in your closets and drawers for them.

Conclusion: Contact me today for added energetic support and assistance when it comes to clearing your space.

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