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Ep. 08 - News for the Soul Radio - Discussion: The Nature of Our Reality with Guest, Ellen Francisco

About our Guest:

Ellen has developed her intuitive gifts over the last four decades. She has studied through the Berkley Psychic Institute, Lionheart Institute of Transformational Energy Healing, and Cleargreen. She has also been voted “Best in Ottawa” for her psychic work.

To learn more about Ellen, please visit:

Show Notes

3:06 Intro

4:04 Collective Energy Update & Reading

7:52 Jumping timelines

9:12 The Mandela Effect

14:44 Growing out of your comfort zone

15:54 Divine Will vs. Freewill

17:24 Reading for Caller 1

25:45 The fluidity of our reality

28:10 Being in alignment with our encoded mission

30:52 Being in flow with your authentic self

31:45 Your exalted self

32:11 Reality vs. Simulation

33:52 Living consciously

35:44 Energetic shielding

37:58 The nature of our reality

40:30 Ancestral healing

41:54 Being in the right place at the right time

43:43 Relinquishing control

49:00 Reading for Caller 2

55:25 Closing remarks


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