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  • Christine

How to Boost Real Estate Sales with Space Clearings

My two passions in life are metaphysical healing and real estate so I am so excited to be able to combine both in my Space Clearing Sessions. I have been involved in the real estate industry, both directly and indirectly, since 2010 in the following capacities: New Home Sales, Real Estate Agent assisting Buyers and Sellers, Rental Agent assisting Tenants and Landlords, and Property Management.

In my experience, part of the reason why there is so much excitement in a builder show home, compared to resale, is not only from the latest features, designs, and professional staging but it’s also because the energy is new and fresh. The home buyer can clearly see themselves living there, without feeling the energetic interference of the intentions, feelings, and emotions of past events that may have occurred in the home.

Common circumstances and events which can affect the energetic in real estate resale:

1. Separation or Divorce

If there is or was a challenging relationship situation in the home; we can usually feel it, even before we check the closets to see if half the clothes are gone. We may experience feelings of tension, conflict, anger, grief, or sadness.

2. Passing of someone in the home

This circumstance can be more common that you think. Depending on the age of the home and how many past owners it had, the odds that this may have happened in its history is more likely. There is nothing to be afraid of here. If an earth-bound spirit is still lingering, they are usually benign in nature. You may or may not actively feel its presence. Feelings experienced can be mixed, depending on the circumstances of the passing and what has happened since.

3. Too much clutter or chaos

If there is or was chaotic or fractured energy in the home, we may experience feelings of uneasiness, discomfort, confusion, and disorganization. The home buyer may feel repelled and feel a need to leave the home immediately.

4. Stagnation

A home is a reflection of you. If its current or previous owners embodied overall feelings of dissatisfaction, their home will reflect this. In a stagnant home, you may experience feelings of neutrality, run-of-the mill, ordinary, and blah. The home buyer may say things like “I don’t hate it…”, “it fits my criteria…”, “it’s an option…” In other words, they don’t love it!

Conclusion: If you are a Real Estate Agent in the Calgary area looking for a competitive edge to increase the likelihood of selling your listings, contact me today to find out how a space clearing can have ready with the SOLD faster than ever!


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